E2864  V 3.01

Current settings .....
 B0   E1   L4   M1   N3   Q0   V1   X5  
&B1  &C1  &D2  &G0  &H3  &J0  &K4  &L0  &M0  &N0  &P0  &R1  &S0  &X0  &Y1  
*B0  *C0  *D0  *E0  *F0  *G0  *I0  *L0  *M0  *P11 *Q2  *S0  
S000=000 S001=000 S002=043 S003=013 S004=010 S005=008 S006=003 S007=060 
S008=002 S009=006 S010=007 S011=070 S012=000 S013=000 S014=002 S015=130 
S016=000 S017=022 S018=000 S019=000 S020=014 S021=178 S022=000 S023=105 
S024=067 S025=000 S026=000 S027=156 S028=068 S029=000 S030=000 S031=017 
S032=019 S033=000 S034=030 S035=032 S036=000 S037=000 S038=000 S039=032 
S040=000 S041=000 S042=000 S043=008 S044=000 S045=100 S046=028 S047=064 
S048=000 S049=006 S050=000 S051=000 S052=000 S053=000 S054=000 S055=000 
S056=000 S057=016 S058=002 S059=000 S060=002 S061=000 S062=000 S063=000 
S064=000 S065=000 S066=000 S067=000 S068=000 S069=000 S070=000 S071=064 
S072=000 S073=008 S074=000 S075=000 S076=000 S077=000 S078=000 S079=000 
S080=000 S081=000 S082=000 S083=000 S084=000 S085=000 S086=000 S087=000 
S088=000 S089=000 S090=000 S091=000 S092=000 S093=000 S094=000 S095=000 
S096=000 S097=000 S098=000 S099=000 S100=000 S101=000 S102=000 S103=000 
S104=000 S105=000 S106=000 S107=000 S108=000 S109=000 S110=000 S111=000 
S112=000 S113=000 S114=000 S115=000 S116=000 S117=000 S118=000 S119=000 
S120=000 S121=000 S122=000 S123=000 S124=000 S125=000 S126=000 S127=000
Elite 2864 User's Manual
Quick Reference Guide
For Firmware Version 3.00 and higher

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Basic command summary

    &$  or &?  Extended command summary
    *$  or *?  Enhanced command summary
    #$  or #?  Hash command summary
    +$  or +?  FAX/Voice command summary

    A    Answer incoming call          H0  Hang up
    A/   Repeat last command           H1  Off Hook
    A>   Continuously repeat command   I0  Product information
    B0   ITU-T answer sequence         I1  Result of ROM checksum
    B1   Bell answer sequence          I2  Link report
    Dn   Dial a phone number           Ln  n=0-7, Speaker volume
         n=0...9*#TPR,;W@!( )-         M0  Speaker always off
    DL   Redial last dialed number     M1  Speaker off during dialing
    DSn  Dial stored phone number      M2  Speaker always on
         n=0-49                        M3  Speaker on until CD
    E0  Command echo disabled
    E1  Command echo enabled

   Nn  n=0-7, Ring volume
   O0  Return on-line state
   O1  Like O0 with forced retrain
   P   Pulse dialing
   Q0  Return result codes
   Q1  Quiet (no result codes)
   Q2  Quiet on answer mode only

   S$ or S?      Summary of all S registers
   Sr.b=n        Set bit .b of register r to n  (*)
   Sr.b?         Inquiry bit .b of register r  (*)
   Sr=d          Set register r to decimal value d, d=0-255
   Sr=$h         Set register r to hex value h, h=00-FF
   Sr=%b         Set register r to binary value b, b=0-11111111  (*)
   Sr=\o         Set register r to octal value o, o=0-377
   Sr=?          Inquiry summary of S register r
   Sr?           Read contents of S register r
                 (*) = ( 0/Off or 1/On )

   T   Tone dialing
   V0  Numeric result codes
   V1  Verbose result codes
   X0  Basic result codes (0-4)
   X1  Result codes (0-5, 10-21)
   X2  Result codes (0-6, 10-21)
   X3  Result codes (0-5, 7-21)
   X4  Result codes (0-21)
   X5  Error control result codes (0-21)
   X6  Error control result codes (0-21)
   X7  Error control result codes (0-21)

   Zn  n=0-3, Reset modem and load user profile n
       n=4, Reset modem and load factory settings

   +++ Escape sequence code

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Extended command summary

   &B0  DTE follows linked DCE rate  &K0  No error control
   &B1  Fixed DTE rate               &K1  MNP4 (include MNP3)
   &C0  CD always on                 &K2  MNP4 + MNP5
   &C1  Track presence of carrier    &K3  V.42 + &K1
   &D0  Ignore DTR                   &K4  V.42 + V.42bis + &K2
   &D1  108.1
   &D2  DTR/108.2
   &D3  108.2 + load profile 0
   &F   Load factory settings        &L0  Dial up line
   &G0  No guard tone                &L1  2 wire leased line
   &G1  Reserved                     &L2  4 wire leased line (e2864L only)
   &G2  1800 Hz guard tone           &M0  Asynchronous data format
   &H0  Flow control disabled        &M1  Async command, sync data
   &H2  Reserved                     &M2  Direct
   &H3  Hardware CTS/RTS             &M3  Synchronous
   &H4  Local XON/XOFF
   &H5  Reserved
   &J0  Single phone line
   &J1  Multiple phone line (A/A1)
   &N0  Multi-Auto                  &N39 ZyXEL 7200
   &N3  V.32 9600T/9600/7200T/4800  &N42 CELL  14400
   &N4  V.32 9600/7200T/4800        &N43 CELL  12000
   &N5  V.32 4800                   &N44 CELL   9600
   &N12 V.23 1200                   &N45 CELL   7200
   &N14 V.22bis 2400/1200           &N46 CELL   4800T
   &N15 V.22 1200                                   
   &N16 V.21 300                    &N62 V.34  28800
   &N17 V.32b 14400/12000/7200      &N63 V.34  26400
   &N18 V.32b 12000/7200            &N64 V.34  24000
   &N19 V.32b 7200                  &N65 V.34  21600
   &N24 Bell 212A 1200              &N66 V.34  19200
   &N25 Bell 103 300                &N67 V.34  16800
   &N32 FAX 14400 - 2400            &N68 V.34  14400
   &N34 ZyXEL 19200                 &N69 V.34  12000
   &N35 ZyXEL 16800                 &N70 V.34   9600
   &N36 ZyXEL 14400                 &N71 V.34   7200
   &N37 ZyXEL 12000                 &N72 V.34   4800
   &N38 ZyXEL  9600                 &N73 V.34   2400
   &N78 V.90  56000                 &N89 V.90  41333
   &N79 V.90  54666                 &N90 V.90  40000
   &N80 V.90  53333                 &N91 V.90  38666
   &N81 V.90  52000                 &N92 V.90  37333
   &N82 V.90  50666                 &N93 V.90  36000
   &N83 V.90  49333                 &N94 V.90  34666
   &N84 V.90  48000                 &N95 V.90  33333
   &N85 V.90  46666                 &N96 V.90  32000
   &N86 V.90  45333                 &N97 V.90  30666
   &N87 V.90  44000                 &N98 V.90  29333
   &N88 V.90  42666                 &N99 V.90  28000
   &P0  M/B ratio = 39%/61%         &Wn  n=0-3, Save current settings to user
   &P1  M/B ratio = 33%/67%                     profile n
   &R0  CTS follows RTS             &X0  Internal clock
   &R1  Ignore RTS                  &X1  External clock
   &S0  DSR always on               &X2  Remote clock
   &S1  Data set ready              &Y0  Destructive, expedited
   &T0  Terminate testing           &Y1  Nondestructive, expedited
   &T1  Analog loopback test        &Y2  Nondestructive, unexpedited
   &T3  Local digital loopback test &Zn=s  Store the dial string s to EEPROM
   &T4  Grant RDL request                  at location n (0-49)
   &T5  Deny RDL request            &Zn?   Display the phone number stored
   &T6  Initiate RDL                       in EEPROM at location n
   &T7  Initiate RDL with self test
   &T8  Initiate ALB with self test
   &Vn  n=0, View current settings
        n=1-4, View user profile n-1 settings
        n=5, View factory default settings

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Enhanced command summary

   *B0  Disabled dial-backup
   *Bn  n=1-9, Set dial-backup phone pointer at location n-1
   *C0  10 Bit character length
   *C1  11 Bit character length
   *C2   9 Bit character length
   *C3   8 Bit character length
   *Dn  n=0-5, Set default dial phone pointer at location n
   *E0  If error control negotiation fails, keep connection
   *E1  If error control negotiation fails, terminate the call
   *F0  Deny remote configuration
   *F1  Accept remote configuration
   *G0  Disable security function
   *G1  Enable type 1 security, with password check (ZyXEL to ZyXEL only)
   *G2  Enable type 1 Security, with password check and call back
        (ZyXEL to ZyXEL only)
   *G3  Enable type 2 security, with password check
   *G4  Enable type 2 security, with password check and call back
   *G5  Enable type 2 security, with password check and call back
        Remote site enter the call-back number
   *HS  Modify supervisory password  *S0  Secondary channel disabled
   *Hn  Modify user password         *S1  Secondary channel enabled
   *I0  AT command set               *V   View password table
   *I1  V.25 bis command set         *T   Recall the last CND(Caller-ID)
   *I2  Dumb mode
   *L0  Panel key normal
   *L1  Panel key locked
   *M0  Leased line auto handshake on originate mode
   *M1  Leased line auto handshake on answer mode
   *Pn  n=0-15, Leased line transmission power level
   *Q0  No response to poor signal quality
   *Q1  Retrain action taken if signal quality is poor
   *Q2  Adaptive rate (auto fall back or fall forward)
   *Q3  Disconnect
   *Rab Read remote configuration    *Wab Write local user profile to remote and
        to local profile                  reset remote modem from that profile
        a=0-3, Local user profile         a=0-3, Local user profile
        b=0-3, Remote user profile        a=4,   Local active profile
            4, Remote current profile     a=5,   Local factory default
            5, Remote factory default     b=0-3  Remote user profile 0-3

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Hash command summary

   #Bn  "CONNECT FAX" result code enable or disable
        n=0, Disable, used in ZFAX mode, normal operation (*)
        n=1, Enabled, for BBS fax receiving application, this
             command also changes "CONNECT 12000/ARQ" to
             "CONNECT 9600/ARQ". This will also send out
             external mail string "ZyXEL" when fax is connected,
             DCE will not send fax connection parameters
             until <DC2> is received from DTE
        n=2, Enable Polling feature of Fax. Modem will send
             polling signal to remote fax machine.
        n=3, Display ring cadence
        n=4, Disable Polling feature of Fax.
   #Cn  Set minimun scan line time capability at the receiver
        n=0, 20 ms at 3.85 line/mm, T(7.7)=T(3.85)
        n=1,  5 ms at 3.85 line/mm, T(7.7)=T(3.85)
        n=2, 10 ms at 3.85 line/mm, T(7.7)=T(3.85)
        n=3, 20 ms at 3.85 line/mm, T(7.7)=1/2T(3.85)
        n=4, 40 ms at 3.85 line/mm, T(7.7)=T(3.85)
        n=5, 40 ms at 3.85 line/mm, T(7.7)=1/2T(3.85)
        n=6, 10 ms at 3.85 line/mm, T(7.7)=1/2T(3.85)
        n=7,  0 ms at 3.85 line/mm, T(7.7)=T(3.85)

   #En  Display line conditions (if in On-Line state)
        n=0, Display mode off
        n=1, Display mode on

   #F   Set the Modem into ZyXEL fax mode, same as AT&N32

   #Ln  Set maximum recording length
        n=0, Set maximum recording length, A4 (297mm)
        n=1, Set maximum recording length, B4 (364mm)
        n=2, Set maximum recording length, unlimited.

   #P<string> Set the local ID string, 25 characters max.

   #Rn  Set recording width
        n=0, Set 1728 picture elements along a scan
             line length of 215mm
        n=1, Set 2048 picture elements along a scan
             line length of 255mm
        n=2, Set 2432 picture elements along a scan
             line length of 303mm
   #Tn  Coding Scheme
        n=0, Set to one dimensional coding scheme
        n=1, Set to two dimensional coding scheme

   #Vn  Vertical resolution
        n=0, Set to normal vertical resolution
        n=1, Set to high vertical resolution

   Result Code (with #B0) "CONNECT FAX/SnnnnVnTnRnLnCnP<string>"
               (with #B1) "/SnnnnVnTnRnLnCnP<string>"
   Snnnn     First four digits of Fax connection speed
   Vn        Vertical resolution; n =0-1
   Tn        Coding scheme; n =0-1
   Rn        Recording width; n =0-2
   Ln        Recording length; n =0-2
   Cn        Scan time; n =0-7
   x         Disconnect with confirmation (x=0) or without (x=1)
   P<string> Remote Fax number

   (*)       Manufacture default  (except when used  to represent
             AT* commands)

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FAX / Voice command summary

   +<command>=<value>        Execute a command or set a parameter.

   +<command>=?              Read permissible settings.

   +<command>?               Read current setting.

   +FCLASS=n                 Service class selection.
           n=0               Set to modem mode.
           n=1               Set to Class 1 mode.
           n=2               Set to Class 2 mode.
           n=2.0             Set to Class 2.0 mode.
           n=6               Set to ZFAX mode.
           n=8               Set to Voice mode.
           n=Z               Set to ZyXEL fax parallel port print and/or DRAM
                             store mode.  (See also class Z "AT+F" commands)

  1.  FAX, AT+V command summary

  1b. Class 2.0 commands


  2.  Voice, AT+V command summary

   +FLO=n               Flow control options.
           n=0          No flow control.
           n=1  *       Set XON/XOFF software flow control.
           n=2          Set CTS/RTS hardware flow control.

   +VDD=<dds>,<ddi>     Set the DTMF tone detection sensitivity
                        threshold and the required period of
                        continuous presence.
        <dds>=0-15  *5  Set DTMF detection threshold. A lower value
                        means the DCE will detect DTMF tone more
                        sensitively. A value of "0" disables DTMF
        <ddi>=0-255  *8 Set the duration of DTMF tone detection,
                        in units of 5 ms. The modem reports
                        DTMF event when it detects a continuous
                        tone of at least this time interval
                        A value of "0" disables DTMF detectio

   +VGR=n  n=56-200  *0 Set the gain of received voice samples
                        Higher value results in a larger gain
                        (the normal value is 128). The value
                        of zero is for DCE automatic gain control

   +VGT=n n=56-200 *128 Set the volume of playing voice
                        Higher value results in a louder voice

   +VGN=n n=56-200  *60 Set the volume of playing tone
                        Higher value results in a louder tone

   +VIP                 The DCE initializes all voice parameters to
                        their default settings

   +VIT=n  n=0-255  *70 Set the inactivity time-out timer value,
                        in units of 0.1 second

   +VLH                 Request DCE hook status.
       n=0              DCE is on-hook.
       n=1              DCE is off-hook.

   +VLS=n                Voice I/O device selection
       n=0               DCE is on-hook. Disconnect all I/O devices
                         (local phone connects to telco line).
       n=1               Connects to local phone (PHONE jack.) DCE is
       n=2               DCE (modem) connects to telco line (Dial-up
                         line jack). DCE is off-hook
       n=8               Connects to external mic. (local phone
                         connects to telco line). DCE is on-hook
       n=16              DCE connects to internal speaker (use the internal
                         speaker of the modem for voice playback, local
                         phone connects to telco line), DCE is on-hook.

   +VNH=n               Automatic hang-up options
      n=0  *            DCE does not disable automatic hang-up
      n=1               DCE disables automatic hang-up usually found
                        in other non-voice modes
      n=2               DCE disables automatic hang-up in other non-
                        voice modes. DCE only performs a "logical" hang-
                        up (it will not really hang-up on an ATH command)

   +VRA=n  n=0-255  *70 Set the length of time the DCE shall wait between
                        ringbacks before the DCE assumes remote station
                        has gone off-hook, in units of 0.1 second

   +VRN=n  n=0-255  *10 Set the length of time the DCE shall wait while
                        looking for the first ringback before the DCE
                        assumes remote station has gone off-hook, in
                        units of 1 second. If the value of +VRN is
                        larger than S7, will take effect

   +VRX                 Start the voice reception process

   +VSD=<sds>,<sdi>     Set the silence detection sensitivity
                        threshold and the required period of silence
      <sds>=0-31  *15   Larger value means the DCE treats noisier
                        conditions as silence (the higher the value,
                        the higher the sensitivity threshold level)
                        Set value "0" to disable silence detection
      <sdi>=0-255 *70   In units of 0.1 second, required period of
                        silence for detection

   +VSM=n               Voice compression method selection
           n=2  *       19.2 Kbps 2-bit ADPCM
           n=3          28.8 Kbps 3-bit ADPCM
           n=30         30.72 Kbps new 3-bit ADPCM with resync capability
           n=4          38.4 Kbps 4-bit ADPCM

   +VSY=n  n=0-255  *0  Set voice recording resync timer, in units of
                        50 ms. Set value "0" to disable resync generation

        <dur>=0-255 *50 Set the DTMF tone generation duration used in
                        conjunction with +VTS command, in units of 10 ms
        <int>=0-255  *7 set comma pause interval used in conjunction
                        with +VTS command, in units of 10 ms

   +VTS=<string>        Cause the DCE to generate DTMF and other tones
                        Refer to 2864 series users manual for details

   +VTX                 Start the voice transmission process

   (*)     Manufacturer default (Except when used to represent AT* commands)
   Snnnbx  Cross reference to S-register number "nnn" bit number "x"